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Yes, Please Avoid Comic Sans | 10 Commandments of Typography

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"The infographic below illustrates the '10 Commandments of Typography' that could be followed as quite the basics when it comes to selecting fonts.  Even though typography is an art and art is supposed to be subjective with minimal parameters, these rules can still be applied in order to save time and too much experimentation! Consider the following 10 statements as the best practices of typography…"


click image for a larger view

source: designmantic

Just say NO to Comic Sans!

Free 2014 Printable Calendar Pages

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Ok, I know we are more than halfway through the fourth month of the year, but in hopes of just making you swoon, Look at how utterly adorable these printable calendars are from web designer, Angela over at Hello Cuteness.

I love anything Kawaii and when I came across this bloggers site, I almost died!  As if the name Hello Cuteness isn't enough to don it's own set of dimples, the site's overall aesthetic brings on a feeling equal to diving head first into a huge ball, really. I mean, will you just look at this robot?

Here is just a preview of some of the months:

(Click on images to go to list of calendar downloads)

You can also get a free full page "Year at a Glance" calendar too:

(Click on image below to go to download page)

Click on the button below to go to Hello Cuteness, and check out all her printables, and services.

Kid's Project #3: ABC Matching

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Spring Clean Your Desktop in 5 Minutes!

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I stumbled upon one of the most brilliant ideas I've seen in a long while the other day.  It's a downloadable wallpaper that actually helps you spring clean your desktop, and makes it fun in the process!

Over at Moritz Fine Designs, Heather created a series of wallpapers to do just that.  She has several minimalistic designs. here are just a few for example:

(Click on image to go to download page)


but it was the chalboard series that reeled me in big time.  I actually said out loud: 'oh.  my. gosh!"  It was the answer to my desktop issues I never wanted to deal with.  She also shows you how how to download it and add the text to the blank template.


                          (BLANK TEMPLATE)                 (WITH TITLES)


My computer guy will vouch for the fact that I'm all over the computer!  With downloading new fonts, my blog post ideas, photo editing, inspiring Pinterest posts... I have lots of files to deal with.  It was so bad that when I'm on my laptop, before I'd close it, I refused to sign off or minimize my screen to expose the desktop...ugh!  But with this wallpaper, I have managed to consolidate and organize all my crap file folders. 

And she was right, it honestly took as little as five minutes, I promise!  The cool part is, she gives you the option of using the text she created or you can download a blank one to personalize based on what you do regularly on your computer and add the text yourself on pic monkey (my home away from home)  I decided to download the blank one for that very reason.  I created folders that have titles like: "Need to File" so I can go back to it to filter through it from time to time.  My categories were: "Blog Files", "Photos to File", "Pinterest Posts", "Regulars", and the area at the bottom ended up just a "Misc" section.

I love anything corkboard themed...(as you can tell...see  my blog background?)  So I asked her if she had plans of creating one with corkboard and push pins.  She sounded pretty interested, so I'll be looking out for that soon!  I'll let you know what develops!  In the meantime, click the image below to see lots more at Moritz Fine Designs!


Quote: Margaret Drabble

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background found via freept  /  created and edited on picasa
 font used: henny penny via font squirrel
quoted by Margaret Drabble  /  found via brainy quote

How to Create Custom Color Palettes with "Chip It!"

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image via flikr (Roaul Pop) Link goes to image posted on Pinterest.
Then from there, you can link back to his flikr page.

Celebrate "Crayola Crayon" Day with 28 Crayon Crafts!

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(top photo project included in list, bottom photo source)

So I recently discovered through, that March 31st is Crayola Crayon Day!  I figured it would make an awesome diy list to share to celebrate what originated 111 years ago!!  The creation of the magical, ageless crayon. Here's what the site had to say about it:

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet…no, we’re not talking about a rainbow, but rather just some of the 400 different shades of crayon colours Crayola has produced since 1903!  What a perfect opportunity to celebrate its bright and colourful addition to the world with Crayola Crayon Day!  Crayola began its life as a company when cousins Edwin Binney and C. Harold Smith took over a pigment business in 1885 that Edwin’s father owned. Since then, they have produced a core set of 120 crayon colours; but they have also come out with many unique sets; including metallic coloured crayons, gem tones colours,and even scented ones.  So, why not let your inner child out on Crayola Crayon Day? Find a colouring book and a box of Crayola crayons, and get to work? It’s a therapeutic and enjoyable way to pass some time, and you can even hang your finished picture on yourfridge when you’re done!

1. say yes  /  2. picklebums  /  3. little inspiration / also pieces of polly and flower patch farmgirl  /  4. idlewife  /  5. a faithful attempt  /  6. sorry source unknown - similar tutorial  7. pinterest (Christine Snyder)  /  8. crafty confessions  /  9. pieces of polly  10. ehow   /  11. crayola's pinterest board (they have tons of ideas)  12. home based mom   /  13. chic cheap nursery  /  14.  happy hooligans  /  15. totally tots  /  16.  crafts by amanda  and kinderdi  /  17.  crafts unleashed  /  18. under the sycamore  /  19. my frugal adventures / also mini-eco  and  let's explore  /  20. learn create love  /  21. itkupilli  /  22. spoonful  /  23. kix cereal  /   24. lines across and dollar store crafts  /  25.  special occasions   /  26.  wild olive and youtube (martingale)  /  27. one potato, two potato, three potato, four  /  28.  artful parent

Crayon Sorter |  my life of travels and adventures

Crayon Block |  ana white       |       3D Melted Crayon Art  |  squidoo

DIY Crayons Using Glue Stick Containers | kids activities blog

'On-The-Go' Travel Box Using Wipes Container | deal wise mommy

Melted Crayon Salt Dough Ornaments | the artful parent

Recycle a Soda Bottle to Store Crayons | create with mom

Painting With Melted Crayons | gathering beauty

Activities for Crayon Related Picture Books:

The Crayon Box That Talked | fun with firsties 

The Day The Crayons Quit | enchanted homeschooling mom

Harold and the Purple Crayon | dundee montessori

Note: My apologies to Crayola. While it uncertain which crayons were used in all 
of these tutorials, it is apparent that two of these projects were created with the 
use of a crayon brand that isn't. I can't speak for them but, I'm sure they send
out their apologies, too. :D

Trends Inspired By: Watercolor

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1. apartment therapy   2.  style me pretty   3. diy teen   
4. intimate weddings  5.  real simple (diy sites: the proper pinwheel 
| the salty pineapple | taylor tailor  | glamour and grace 6. griottes 
(site in french) 7. lemonade makin' mama 8.  architect's corner  
(west elm blog has a tutorial, however not for this particular room)
more not pictured: design love fest / 

1. piccolini 2.  waldorf (inspired) moms 3.  von maur  
4.  having fun at home  5.  the girl creative  
6.  sorry, site is no longer available but here are some links to same 
diy ideas: pinterest / snixie / swell mayde and lovely indeed  
7.  fun at home with kids  8. osh kosh 9.  etsy (outside in art studio)

1.  etsy (digi buddha paperie)  2.  modernly wed  3. green wedding shoes  
4. brides of north texas  5. oh happy day!  6.  etsy (truleyme)  
7.  style unveiled  8.  matchbook  9.  glamour and grace 10.inspired 
by this and more watercolor wedding inspiration 
here at pretty my party / Oh Lovely Day / inspired by this

1. buzzfeed  2. pinterest (Sheryl Luitjens)   3. deviant art   
4. google+  jukkaphan wongkanit  5. slingerville  6.  deviant art  
7.  buzzfeed  8. pinterest (uploaded by rachel rae)  9. pinterest 
(uploaded by rachel rae) 10. drake official 
(24 more watercolor tattoos on the site) / more here and here

More Sources For Watercolor Inspiration:

Quote: Mila Kunis as Jackie (That 70's Show)

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quote found on tumblr / typo work created/edited on picasa + fotor + be funky
More tv + film quotes here

Craft Crush: DIY Felt Ball Coasters

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Over at Inspired by Charm, Michael feature the cutest DIY idea.  I was floored when I saw this.  So easy and swoon-worthy! 

Click on the images to check out the tutorial.

Check out Inspired by Charm for more crafty goodness!

Recycled Magazine Envelope Tutorial

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Looking for More Magazine Upcycling Ideas?  Click Below to Sift Through my Pinterest Board to See Projects Featuring Crafts Using Magazines, Books, and Maps!

Hair Hack: Updo Without Tools or Pins

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Click here to go to her site!

You need Adobe Flash Player to view this content.

Click here to go to her YouTube Channel

Click here to go to her Pinterest Boards

You can also see her featured in this Buzzfeed DIY post:

26 Lazy Girl Hairstyling Hacks (click image)

(A great list to check out lots of great "I don't feel like messing with my har" tricks!)

Click Below to Check Out My Pinterest Board Featuring ideas on How to Get Awesome Hairstyles!

Site I'm Sooo Lovin' This Week:

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So, upon sifting through one of my favorite sites, Brit + Co., I happened to notice a sister site called  I fell in love and it made me wish I owned an office. 

Take a gander at what they offer or just head on over to the site I'm sooo lovin' this week:

Click on image to shop by color:

I love their streemlined simple no-patterned style.

And you can mix and match items and create your own palettes.

They even have nifty freebie downloads for you to trick out your stapler and

scissors! And they have desk goodies from a dartboard to tiki-style desk fringe!

Can we say "Mahalo"?

On their freebie page they also offer printables like lunch notes

...and genuine fake certificates!  This one would be given to me:

One of my favorite features is their Design-a-desk option. It gives you twenty different colors & palettes to inspire you to be the next "Little Miss Organized"!

You need Adobe Flash Player to view this content.

If video won't play you can view it on YouTube here

Now that I have assisted in your source of your next office supplies, you may need a little inspiration with design and organization.  Click below to check out my Office and Craft Room Pinterest board:

Select Poppin Products are also available at

Quote: Lewis Carroll

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Quote found in Real Simple Magazine (print edition) 
Quoted from Author Lewis Carroll / Edited on Picasa  
Font used: Learning Curve on dafont
Image from A Wellspring of Worksheets 
more quotes from my Pinterest page: inspiring words / authors + artists
film + tv / misc / leaders / musicians + lyrics / unknown


Fun Google Maps Project!

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So, here's a fun project that I thought of that makes for an interesting gift idea for the travel enthusiast friend.  I call it a Personalized Street Name Collage. It all started when I discovered this site:


This site is awesome. This dude (Steven Van Worley) spent 
months and months corrallingevery common first name he could 
think of ...over 10,000!... and collected them for you to navigate to. 
Just type your name in the box and it brings you to this:

Then you just have to zoom in on all of the towns, or you can click
on the pushpin at the top of the screen and it will direct you to a 
random city's spot with your street name.  Then you can drag the 
yellow "google guy" to street view so you can see the street signs.  

Another Cool feature is that your not limited to United States. (like
in the screenshot above). They go ALL over the world!!  You can 
see your name in anywhere from New York. to Australia, mate!
(...with some exceptions, though. In certain areas, they show the satellite map, 
but you don't have the option of  dragging the "Google guy" to the actual street yet.) 

These are just a few examples of where I am:

They don't give you a "save picture as..." or download option, so I
took screenshots (which is very handy if you have Picasa because
it's instant and you can edit immediately.)  Then you can straighten,
 crop, edit and create a collage in any photo editing site 
like PicMonkey. (see below)

I had a ball playing around with the site to say the least.  (But, I
must warn is addicting!)  Then I thought I could do some-
thing with this!  My mom's name is Rhonda.  

New South Wales

So, right away I got nuts with the dragging and zooming and took 
screenshots off all the better signs I could find and created this:

Note: This is in smaller scale. The original is much more clear.

(It's a smaller scale of what I created so it's a little blurry, but you 
get the idea.)  Then I added numbers next to each circle and upon
sending it to her via email, I listed all the cities and states by number. 
(That was the exhausting part).  But the cool thing about taking 
screenshots, is that all the specs are on the screen so you can 
document what city and state it is before cropping.

I did this one below for my sister . She loved it!  Don't you just love
the variety of styles from different areas? I think this would be an 
awesome gift to blow up to 8x10 and frame!

Then if you can see at the bottom of the image, I typed where each
one is from in order.  This would be awesome if after finding out 
where all the names are from, you traveled to the places and took a 
photo of yourself by each one.  
Just an idea...not packing my bags just yet!

Now, here's what you can do if your desired name doesn't come up:
Go to Google Maps (click image)

Type the name in the search box and type a suffix like Lane, Street,
or Road, etc. You'll see names come up of several areas that have
streets with the same. (That's how I made the title image at the top 
of this post). Also, this project doens't have to include just street
signs.  You can also do names of places like resturaunts, stores,
and cafes, etc. I have something in mind that I'd like to do (secret
project! hee hee) and I will post it in the future. 

The site has recently been updated so it's much more advanced 
than it used to be so it is super easy to use.

...Plus, you'll be amazed at what you can find!

...ain't it, though?

note: "Awesome" street sign was not found on google maps. 
Click on image for link.


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